Viron AP 25 Glass Media Fine 15kg

Viron AP 25 Glass Media Fine 15kg


Glass filter media is more efficient than sand and zeolite media delivering much finer filtration and clearer water. Save on backwashing, energy and chemical treatment costs. Long life span means less media change over the coming years

Not sure how many kilos of glass your filter takes please contact us for assistance

Must be used in conjunction with Viron AP 8 Glass Media Coarse kg

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Glass filter media keeps cleaner: It’s less susceptible to bio-fouling as, unlike silica sand Glass media’s particles have a smooth surface area, so bacteria can’t get trapped in any cracks or flaws, which translates to less remedial action and again less chemical treatment to kill pollutants

Glass filter media requires less material: It’s less dense than sand, requiring 10% less media to fill the equivalent filter

Glass filter media doesn’t degrade: It therefore has a much longer file span than sand & zeolite media


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