Pool Chemicals

Pool Pro Branded chemicals specially designed for maintaining a crystal clear pool with excellent water quality. The chlorine based sanitisers are designed to keep the water clean and bacteria free for a safe swimming environment, while the various balancing chemicals adjust pH, calcium Hardness and alkalinity levels. There are also Various cleaning solutions and flocculants to maintain superb clarity and equipment efficiency.

  • 5 in 1 chlorine Granules and tablets
  • Calhypo Granules and Tablets
  • Stabilised Chlorine Tablets
  • Liquid Acid (5L or 15L)
  • Dry Acid
  • Calcium Hardness Raiser
  • pH Buffer (Alkalinity)
  • Stabilisers
  • Calcium Remover
  • Chlorine Out
  • Liquid Floc
  • Powdered Floc
  • Various Algaecides

Come in store to check out our full range of chemicals, where our experts can tell you exactly how to use them.

Spa Chemicals

Our range of spa products are ideal for maintaining a perfect spa environment, maintaining an ideal pH and alkalinity for the water. They control water-borne bacteria and balance the waters chemical levels to make the spa comfortable and as hassle free as possible. There are 3 options for sanitisers we offer, as we understand that each individual is different and families have their own needs:

Aqua Spa

Spa Fresh (Poppits) Sanitiser

  • Hydrogen Peroxide Sanitiser, approved by the Asthma council for use by families with Asthmatic individuals, as well as individuals with sensitive skin or skin conditions

Chlorine Based Sanitisers

  • Lithium Granules (use as you go)
  • Bromine Tablets (float around water)

Chlorine Based Sanitisers

  • Lithium Granules (use as you go)
  • Bromine Tablets (float around water)

Finally, we also offer a range of products to protect the equipment within the spa unit, as well as clarifying water and cleaning filters. Check in store for entire range.